Worship At Redeemer

Worship at Redeemer

What is Worship?

Worship is not simply an activity or a Sunday gathering. The Bible defines worship as much more – a way of life that draws attention to the glory of God in all that we do. We were designed by God with a desire for something more glorious and more satisfying than ourselves. Therefore, every moment of our lives involves joyful enjoyment of God or a painful pursuit of someone or something less glorious than Him.

Biblical worship is about God, not us. He is the initiator of our worship: He reveals Himself and calls for an appropriate response from His creatures. He is the One that we worship: we express our desire for, gratitude to, service for, and faith in Him, humbly marveling at who He is and what He has done, and we obey Him. And He is the One that perfects our worship as we give it: He accepts our offerings of praise through and because of the sanctifying work of His Son, Jesus.

What is Corporate Worship like at Redeemer?

Our corporate worship services are planned & ordered with a biblical philosophy of worship in mind, and we all participate together in light of these truths. We gather each Sunday morning to respond to God through Christ by the Spirit with our singing, prayers, preaching, giving, serving & caring for one another, confessing our sins, observing the ordinances (baptism & the Lord’s Supper), and more.

Our corporate worship:

  • involves all of us worshiping God together, not a performance or show from our music team
  • is joyful – we do it with all that we are according to Biblical truth
  • includes both historical and modern songs that are truthful and appropriate for corporate worship
  • is guided by Scripture, seeking to read it, sing it, pray it, preach it, and live it